Food Party DUO Electric Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot, With Separable Cooking Plate

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  • Easy to Clean with Separable Cooking Plate; Fast and Even Heating Technology; Gift Combo for Greatest Value; PFOA and BPA free;
  • Easy to entertain 1-8 people. The hotpot holds 2L (qt) of liquid. The width of the grill surface is 3.5’’ (9cm). Hotpot and grill function together or individually with independent temperature control.

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Based on 5 reviews
Mona Cantrell

Be mindful of the power usage when both functions are active. For older homes, consider using a surge protector to avoid overloading electrical outlets. Not suitable for dishwashers

Mona Pracht

With its dual functionality and deluxe recipe book, this grill and hot pot combo opens doors to a world of dining experiences. From breakfast to dinner, it caters to diverse tastes, making restaurant-quality meals at home a breeze

Michael Johnston

Separable cooking plates ensure easy cleaning, while fast and even heating technology enhances cooking efficiency. PFOA and BPA-free materials add a layer of safety and peace of mind

Tamica Harris

Its dual functionality, easy cleaning, and efficient heating technology redefine home cooking. Ideal for intimate gatherings and diverse culinary adventures

Patricia Rios

Entertain effortlessly with this grill and hot pot combo, accommodating 1-8 people. Its 2L hotpot capacity and 3.5’’ grill surface width make it ideal for intimate gatherings

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