TECCPO 20V Cordless Leaf Blower with Turbine Fan, Dual Speed Adjustment + 2.0Ah Lithium Battery

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  • Advanced Motor & Turbo Technology: Experience the TECCPO leaf blower's exceptional performance, driven by an advanced copper motor that guarantees extended product lifespan and energy efficiency compared to traditional engines. With the added advantage of turbocharging technology, this leaf blower achieves efficient compression and expansion of gas, generating immense power to effortlessly clear dust, leaves, debris, and even powdery snow.
  • Powerful Airflow & Speed: Utilize the power of the 20V motor and innovative axial fan design to achieve remarkable airflow. Witness the capability of 310 CFM (airflow) at a maximum speed of 85 MPH (air speed), making it ideal for light-duty clean-ups in yards, driveways, sidewalks, decks, garages, shops, and more.
  • Quick Charge Battery & Mobility: Embrace the convenience of cordless operation, granting you unparalleled mobility. The 20V 2.0Ah battery provides a speedy 1-hour charging time, offering an impressive 35 minutes of continuous runtime. Enjoy flexibility during your tasks with no-load running times of 35 minutes (low speed - 9,000 RPM) or 10 minutes (high speed - 15,000 RPM).
  • Adaptable Speed Options: The TECCPO leaf blower features embedded speed-switching functionality for versatile use. Choose between no-load speeds of 9,000 RPM or 15,000 RPM. Low-speed mode is perfect for preventing dust splashing and conserving energy, while high-speed mode swiftly and effectively clears leaves. Tailor the variable speeds to match your specific sweeping requirements.
  • Compact & Comfortable Design: Despite its high-performance capabilities, this leaf blower weighs a mere 5.1 lbs. The compact structure and optimized materials minimize weight, enabling effortless control for one-handed operation. The ergonomic design prioritizes control and minimizes arm strain.
  • Versatile & Effortless Tasks: Discover the extensive applications of this leaf blower:
    • Clear leaves in driveways and gardens.
    • Quickly remove powdery snow from paths and driveways, doubling as a snow blower.
    • Efficiently blow grass cuttings from lawn mower undersides.
    • Blast your car with precision, effectively removing debris from tight corners.
  • Package Includes: 1 x TECCPO Leaf Blower 1 x 20V 2.0Ah Battery 1 x Fast Charger User Manual

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Samuel Walker
Conquer Cleaning Tasks with TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower

Say goodbye to cleaning challenges with the TECCPO Cordless Leaf Bloweran innovation that redefines cleaning efficiency. Its advanced copper motor and turbo technology ensure unparalleled power for various tasks, from leaves to powdery snow.

Charlotte King
Efficiency Redefined with the TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower

Revolutionize your cleaning tasks with the TECCPO Cordless Leaf Bloweran exceptional tool designed for efficiency. Its advanced copper motor ensures energy efficiency and extended lifespan, while turbocharging technology adds unbeatable power for dust, leaves, debris, and even powdery snow.

Joseph Lee
Unleash Cleaning Power with the TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower

Experience the ultimate in cleaning performance with the TECCPO Cordless Leaf Blower. This powerhouse tool boasts an advanced copper motor that guarantees energy efficiency and extended lifespan compared to traditional engines. Turbocharging technology takes it a step further, providing incredible compression and expansion of gas for unbeatable power. From dust to leaves, debris to powdery snow, this blower tackles it all effortlessly

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