Z3 Portable Waterproof Electric Travel Shaver with 6-Blade System

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Elevate your grooming routine with the Z3 Electric Shaver—a harmonious blend of performance, convenience, and timeless style. Stay sharp, stay confident, and embrace a grooming experience like no other.

  • Powerful Shave, Incredibly Gentle: Achieve a precise, clean shave without a hint of stubble. The Z3 Electric Shaver fits perfectly to your face for a comfortable, irritation-free grooming experience.
  • Full Body Waterproof, Easy to Clean: Effortlessly maintain hygiene with the Z3's full body waterproof design. The shaver head can be easily disassembled and cleaned, ensuring a hassle-free grooming routine.
  • Men's Second Shaver: Discover a grooming tool that's as delicate as it is exquisite. The Z3 is designed for the modern man who values performance, portability, and style.
  • High-Performance Blade, Quick Job, Easy Life: Experience the power of the stainless steel turbo-whirl 6-blade system, tailored for even the toughest facial hair. Enjoy efficient and comfortable shaving like never before.
  • Up to 60-Min of Cordless Shaving, One Full Charge in 1 Hour: With Type-C universal charging and a powerful Li-ion battery, the Z3 ensures up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving on a single one-hour charge.
  • Robust Metal Design, Ultimate Classic Style: Designed with both durability and timeless style in mind, the Z3 boasts a pocket-sized form factor, measuring just 7cm (2.8") in length and weighing a mere 99g (0.2 lbs).
  • Flexible Cut System, Close Shave for Confidence: The Z3's flexible cut system effortlessly follows the contours of your face and neck, delivering a consistently close shave that boosts your confidence.
  • Automatic Self-Grinding Technology, The Sharper, The More Use: Featuring self-sharpening blades, the Z3 gently cuts hair just above the skin, ensuring smooth gliding and lasting performance with every use.
  • Most Advanced Motor, High-Speed Shaving Efficiency: With an impressive 36,000 cutting actions per minute, the Z3 effectively tackles each hair, leaving you with a clean, even finish every time.

Experience the Future of Grooming with the Stylish and Convenient Z3 Electric Shaver

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ryan Hsia

The flexible cut system of the Z3 adapts to the contours of my face, ensuring a consistently close shave every time

Yulia Nudga

With its fast charging capability and extended battery life, the Z3 keeps up with my busy lifestyle

Akshay Bahl

The Z3 Electric Shaver delivers a close shave without any discomfort.

Joseph Kheir

The metal construction of the Z3 gives it a premium feel, and its waterproof design makes cleaning a breeze. Highly recommend

Sylvain Perron

This shaver glides effortlessly over my skin, leaving it feeling soft and stubble-free.

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