2100-PSI Electric Pressure Washer with 5 Adjustable Nozzles

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Introducing our versatile and powerful portable pressure washer that works wonders for both your vehicles and home. With 5 adjustable nozzles, you can customize the pressure to suit any cleaning task. The 2100PSI 1.8GPM High Pressure Washer delivers a deep and thorough clean, leaving your surfaces looking brand new.

We take pride in our garden products' high quality, durability, and standing capacity for generations. Our designs are unique, creative, and innovative, offering a luxurious look and texture for all kinds of spaces. With a wide variety of selections, you can easily find the perfect pressure washer for your needs.


  • Works for both vehicles and home
  • 5 adjustable nozzles for customized pressure
  • 2100PSI 1.8GPM High Pressure Washer for a deep and thorough clean


  • Number of nozzles: 5
  • Maximum PSI: 2100
  • Maximum GPM: 1.8

Upgrade your cleaning game with our portable pressure washer and experience the power of a deep and thorough clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kevin Harris
Effortless Cleaning

I'm amazed by the results of this pressure washer. The 5 adjustable nozzles give me the flexibility I need, and the deep clean it provides is unbeatable. A fantastic addition to my cleaning routine!

Laura Martinez
Versatile and Effective

This pressure washer is a must-have for any homeowner. The adjustable nozzles are perfect for different tasks, and the power it delivers is impressive. My outdoor spaces have never looked better.

Ryan Turner
Surfaces Sparkling Clean

With the 2100PSI pressure, this washer is a cleaning beast! The variety of nozzles makes it easy to tackle any job. My driveway and deck have never been cleaner.

Christina King
Cleaning Made Easy

I love how this pressure washer handles both vehicles and home cleaning. The 5 adjustable nozzles are a great touch, and the power it delivers is outstanding. Highly recommended!

Brian Perez
Cleans Like Magic

This pressure washer is a game-changer! The adjustable nozzles make it so versatile, and the 2100PSI power is impressive. My car and patio have never looked better.

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