GelZooka Electric Gel Ball Blaster with 40,000 Water Gel Beads, Safety Glasses, and More

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  • EXPERIENCE REAL THRILLS!: Unleash the GelZooka Gel Ball Blaster for unadulterated fun with friends. Designed with a larger gel ball injection port, this toy ensures uninterrupted play without pesky clogs. Get ready to see your pals burst into laughter as gel balls fly in exhilarating battles.
  • EXTENDED PLAY WITH UPGRADED BATTERIES: Power up your gameplay with our advanced 7.4V batteries. Enjoy longer play sessions and quicker shooting speeds, giving you the edge to conquer opponents. The foldable funnel simplifies gel ball loading into the magazine, complemented by a filtering net to remove excess water.
  • INCLUDES 40,000 GEL BALLS & SPARE MAGAZINE: Equip yourself with endless gel ball ammo! The GelZooka Gel Ball Blaster package features a whopping 40,000 GelZooka Gel Balls and an extra magazine accommodating up to 800 Gel Balls. Swift reloads during friendly showdowns ensure the action never stops.
  • PRIORITIZE SAFETY: Safeguard your eyes from gel ball impact with our specialized safety glasses. For added peace of mind, the detachable battery design prevents charging concerns, leaving you free to focus on the thrill of the game.
  • UNIVERSAL FUN & THE PERFECT GIFT: The Gel Ball Blaster is the ultimate present for thrill-seekers of all ages. Whether young or old, everyone can join in the excitement. Unlike video games, this experience is tactile and immersive, bringing action to life like never before. Elevate the fun and share unforgettable moments with the GelZooka Gel Ball Blaster.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joseph Lee
Unleash the Fun

GelZooka brings joy to playtime! The extra gel balls and spare magazine keep the action non-stop. Safety glasses included - a great package for endless entertainment

Stephanie Scott
Epic Battles Await

The GelZooka Gel Ball Blaster is a blast! The upgraded batteries keep the fun going, and the sheer number of gel balls is amazing. Safe and exciting gameplay for friends of all ages

Kimberly Hall
Hours of Fun Guaranteed

GelZooka Gel Ball Blaster is a hit! The extended battery life and generous gel ball supply mean non-stop action. Safe, thrilling, and perfect for friendly competitions.

Charles Nelson
Blast Away Boredom

GelZooka is my go-to for outdoor fun. The gel balls shoot smoothly, and the safety glasses are a smart addition. A great way to turn ordinary gatherings into exciting battles

Heather Hall
Unforgettable Family Bonding

Our family loves the Gel Ball Blaster! From kids to adults, we're all hooked. Safe, thrilling, and the perfect gift for creating memorable moments together.

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