Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser

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Quantity: 9 Rolls (135 Bags)
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  • Biodegradable Pet waste poop Bags - These pet waste bags are environmentally friendly, breaking down more quickly than traditional plastic poo bags, providing a sustainable option for cleaning up after your furry friend.
  • Durable and Leak-Resistant - Pursuit Waste bags are extra thick bring you sturdy, eco-conscious poop bags that ensure leak-proof reliability for stress-free strolls with your dog.
  • Convenient Handles for Easy Tying - Make your pet cleanup routine smoother with these poo bags featuring handy handles that tie up with ease, and a dispenser crafted from recycled materials, ensuring convenience when dispensing the bags.
  • Generous Pack of 135 / 195 / 555 - Stock up on your pet walking essentials with 4, 6, and 36 Months of supply

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    marie hungate

    These bags are a win-win! They're both environmentally conscious and durable, making them an ideal choice for responsible pet owners seeking both reliability and eco-friendliness

    Connor DiPhillipi

    Stock up and save! With generous pack options, you won't run out of these essential pet walking companions for months. A practical choice for long-term pet waste management

    Rachael Tapper-Dame

    Convenience is key! The handles make tying up waste effortless, and the recycled material dispenser adds to the eco-friendly appeal. A simple, hassle-free solution for pet cleanup

    Alan B Motl

    Say goodbye to leaks and worries! These extra thick bags ensure durability and leak-proof reliability, providing a stress-free experience during walks with your furry friend

    Eundee Kyles

    These bags offer guilt-free pet waste disposal! Their biodegradability makes them a sustainable choice, breaking down faster than regular plastic bags. Perfect for environmentally-conscious pet owners

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