Extra Large Whole-House Humidifier with 5.4 Gallon Capacity & Adjustable 360° Nozzle

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  • Large Capacity: With a 5.4-gallon water tank, this humidifier can operate for over 20 hours on a single fill. This capacity is ideal for maintaining humidity in large areas up to 2000 square feet. The significant water capacity minimizes the frequency of refills, making it suitable for industrial and commercial use.
  • Four-Segment Detachable Nozzle: The humidifier features a 360° rotatable nozzle with four adjustable segments. This design allows you to control the direction of the cold mist output to meet your specific humidity needs. The humidity level can be set within a range of 45% to 95%, with 5% increments for precise control. Three-speed settings (low, medium, high) are available to adjust the humidification speed based on your environment.
  • Remote Control and Mobility: It comes with a remote control for convenient operation. You can use the remote control or the touch buttons to adjust settings. The humidifier is equipped with wheels for easy mobility, making it user-friendly, especially for pregnant women and the elderly. Its super low noise and sleep mode ensure that it won't disrupt your work or sleep.
  • Easy to Clean and Energy Efficient: The top-filling design simplifies the refilling process, and a full tank can provide up to 48 hours of continuous humidification. The anti-leak design helps prevent any leakage issues. You can schedule humidification with a 1-12 hour timer, adding to its convenience. Importantly, this humidifier doesn't require filter replacement, saving you maintenance costs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Nice product working as expected. Good features like pre-set the humidity level and the device on and off depends on set humid levels. 3 level settings like high, low and medium.

Saabquilla Morrison

Wheel-equipped for easy mobility, this humidifier is a blessing for those seeking convenience. With its long-lasting operation and scheduling options, it's an efficient and reliable choice for large areas

Darlene Naquin

The absence of filter replacement cuts maintenance costs, while the energy-efficient operation ensures prolonged use without worry

Dianna Vayda

The four-segment nozzle and customizable humidity settings give absolute control. From directing mist to adjusting humidity levels, this humidifier offers precise comfort. The remote control and mobility add to its ease of use.

Joan Croy

Its low noise and sleep mode won't disrupt your peace, making it perfect for any space. Plus, the remote control and touch buttons offer hassle-free operation

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