Easy-to-Use Refractor Telescope with Phone Adapter & Eyepieces

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  • High-Quality Optics: With a 500mm focal length and 114mm aperture, our reflector telescope gathers three times more starlight than popular 70mm refractors, resulting in bigger, sharper views. The fully coated optics glass lens creates stunning images while protecting your eyes. With this telescope, you can see the polar ice caps on Mars and surface details.
  • High Magnification: We've upgraded the two replaceable 1.25" eyepieces to Plossl (PL25mm/20X, PL10mm/50X) plus a 3x Barlow lens (PL25mm/60X, PL10mm/150X). With 150x magnification, you can see crystal clear craters on the moon, cloud bands on Jupiter, Orion Nebula, and much more. You can choose the most suitable magnification according to different sky conditions.
  • Easy to Use: Our reflector telescope requires no tools for assembly, making it suitable for both novice and experienced users. The telescope's height can be adjusted from 29.9 inches to 46.6 inches, allowing for different observational positions. It's suitable for kids and adults.
  • Real-Time Sharing: Our 114mmAZ reflector telescope is perfect for beginners and amateur nightsky viewing. The smart phone adapter that comes free with the telescope allows you to take pictures or videos and share them with your family and friends in real-time.
  • Compact and Portable: The TELMU Reflector Telescope is lightweight (5kg) and compact (Package Size: 26.9 x 27 x 6.2 in), making it easy to pack and go on an adventure or travel anytime. You can take it to your favorite campsite or dark sky observing site, or simply use it in your backyard.

Experience the wonder and beauty of the night sky with the TELMU Reflector Telescope.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rena H.
Good product

Top-notch gear! The refractor telescope's phone adapter adds a new dimension to stargazing. The included eyepieces enhance the experience. Happy stargazer!

Mark L.

Amazing refractor telescope! The phone adapter is a game-changer for capturing stunning photos through the eyepiece. Highly recommended for astronomy enthusiasts!

Jay P.

Fantastic purchase! Refractor telescope's phone adapter makes it easy to explore and share the universe. Comes with quality eyepieces for enjoyable viewing.

Chris B.

Impressive clarity! The refractor telescope's phone adapter lets me capture beautiful night sky moments. Perfect for stargazing and astrophotography!

Felix L.
Easy set up

Love this telescope! The phone adapter allows me to share incredible celestial views with friends. Great eyepieces and easy setup too!

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