Dual-Function Compact Mini Fridge and Warmer with 4L Capacity (32°F Cold - 140°F Warm)

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The mini-refrigerator doubles as a cooling and warming device, making it great for skincare, fruits, and food. This mini refrigerator is ideal for car travel and can quickly refrigerate food in the car.

This portable mini fridge can cool everything in a short time and is suitable for use in your car, office, bedroom, and more. It ensures that you always have cold drinks and fresh food for every journey during the hot summer.

The compact mini fridge has a 4L capacity and weighs only 5lbs, making it easy to carry. Its dimensions are 11x10.4x7.1 inches, and its small and compact design takes up minimal space.

The mini-refrigerator features foaming technology and vertical fans, which cool down and warm up items quickly and efficiently. At ambient temperature, it can reduce items by around 15 degrees within 40 minutes and warm up items to 50 degrees within one hour.

This mini fridge operates with a low noise level of 25 dB, making it quiet and reliable in any setting. The sleek design makes it easy to carry without worrying about getting hurt. The rotating lock with a clip keeps items in place, even in the worst driving conditions.

The advanced built-in Semiconductor refrigeration chip and 100% Freon-free technology make this mini fridge eco-friendly, durable, and energy-efficient. When using a 12V adapter in the car, it won't cause any harm to the car's battery.

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Bryan Sweeney
Best Fridge!

Great mini fridge!! Works as advertised!

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