Hugolog Smart Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock with Digital Touchpad

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The Hugolog HU04 Smart Lock replaces traditional deadbolt locks in minutes with simple installation requiring only a screwdriver. It provides secure, 1-touch locking and unlocking via the free mobile app or allows users to program up to 20 secure user pin codes to be entered on the backlit digital touchpad. Bluetooth compatible, the HU04 is the perfect solution for the modern smart home.

Always Secure with Auto Lock
Whether your hands are full with groceries, the kids were out the door last, or you simply left in a hurry, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the door unlocked again. Our smart lock is optimized with to automatically lock after 30 seconds. Let us lock the door, even when you forget!

DIY Smart Lock Installation Done in Minutes
Our smart locks are designed to seamlessly replace your existing deadbolt lock in minutes, with just a screwdriver. No cutting, drilling or damage to your door! The mobile app takes care of the rest, walking you through additional settings.

Go Keyless with Pin or App Access
Forget carrying keys. The HU04 smart lock grants you access to your home via secure user PIN code on the backlit digital touchpad or one-touch unlocking via the free mobile app. *Bluetooth Gateway required for full remote access away from home.

  • Multiple modes to unlock and lock: The door lock provides two approaches to unlock the door, touch screen and smart unlock. For remote access, the User can use Bluetooth or the mobile app.
  • Touch screen: One touch to unlock the lock, and also set the automatic lock-off time on the mobile APP between 10-180 seconds.
  • Easy Installation + Durable Zinc alloy: Suitable for the door thickness of 35-50mm, door hole diameter of 38/54mm, and side distance of bolt 60mm/70mm. It only requires a screwdriver to install in a few minutes. The zinc alloy deadbolt is durable and safe.
  • Emergency battery backup: If the power runs out, plug in a portable power bank to the micro USB port that is located at the bottom of the lock. Then, you can unlock the door.
  • Remote Lock / Unlock via Mobile App: Hugolog locks are equipped with Bluetooth to conserve battery life. Your app will work within Bluetooth range, which is around 15-30 feet. To unlock outside of Bluetooth range, you will need a Gateway found here or here.

One Touch to Unlock

Easy Installation

Auto Lock


FakPin Code

Remote Control

smart door lock

20 Passwords

The keyless entry door lock ensures that you can easily enter your house with passwords of only 4-10 digits. You can also program 20 unique user codes for your family members and friends.

smart door lock

Unlock Record

Know the status of your door lock at any time, who is the door lock and when it is opened.

smart door lock

One-Time Code

This deadbolt lock allows you to set up one-time temporary codes that you can grant your sitter access to while you're away for a trip.


smart door lock
smart door lock
smart door lock
smart door lock

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Thomas Sullivan

Difficult to see keypad during the daylight.

Works Perfectly, but . . .

Installing this lock was a breeze. We were replacing an older combination lock that started to have problems and the Hugolog slipped flawlessly into the same door.

I installed the batteries and used the written directions to set up a new master code, then programmed the lock to work manually.

My only reservation relates to setting up the lock to work with my phone over Bluetooth. The directions on the paperwork only included a QR code to download the app. There were no instructions on setting things up and the app was not at all user friendly.

I found a video on YouTube of someone installing the lock and programming it to a phone, but even that seemed unnecessarily complicated.

Oh yes, and to set up the lock to be accessible via Bluetooth, I had to do a factory reset, so my manual programming was all lost. Since my efforts failed the first time, I had to give up and do another factory reset so I could re-program it manually.

After watching the video a couple more times and waiting a week, I tried again and was able to program the lock via my iPhone. To be honest, I could not tell another person exactly what I did, but once it worked I was done.

When you use Bluetooth to open the door, the process is painfully slow. You need to be close to the lock when you open the app for it to connect and I just find it quicker to key in my code by hand.

Having said all that, the lock works well and responds immediately when opening and closing the door manually.

Jennifer Gaither
Fast affordable delivery

Great, accurate,reliable and affordable service.

Brent Brickett
Very difficult to use

Installed but had so many issues with the product that we removed and put in a deadbolt. If this had a key access with it I probably would have used it. It did not open all of the time so I was locked out. Would not recommend this product!

John D. Pilla
It's OK

There is nothing, no instructions that inform you that if you use the app and add folks that then the Master code does not work for several functions, including adding a new code! So, using the app, I would need a separate/different email to add a temp guest code. Very inefficient and difficult to work with. Also IF I were to buy a hub, it only works on 2.5 and NOT 5.0. Also making it difficult to use, so I returned the hub.

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