PARTU True HEPA Air Purifier for Dust, Smoke, Pet Dander, Pollen

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Color: White
Style: Air Purifier
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  • Efficiency Meets Individual Needs: Our PARTU HEPA air purifiers are equipped with a comprehensive filtration system designed to address various concerns. From pre-filters to HEPA filters and activated carbon filters, they work together to capture dust, pollen, smoke, odors, pet dander, and particles as small as 0.3 microns. Say goodbye to allergies caused by pet dander, excessive pollen, and mildew. It's also an effective solution for relieving symptoms of dry mouth and sore throat during sleep and eliminating the troubles of smoke at home or from neighbors.

  • A Breath of Freshness: Enhance your air purifying experience with our built-in fragrance sponge. Simply add a drop of your favorite essential oil (not included) and some water into the sponge below the air purifier's outlet. As the air moves, the fragrance will gracefully flow, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Choose from scents like Citrus, Honeydew Melon, Musk, Vanilla, Orris, or Vetiver to personalize your space.

  • Locked for Convenience: We've included a lock set to prevent accidental operations by curious pets or children. Simply press and hold the Lock button for 3 seconds to activate the touch-free mode. With three fan settings, you can easily control the speed and volume of the air purifier to suit your preferences.

  • Classic White and Sleek Design: Our table-top air purifier covers an effective area of 107 sq ft/10m, making it the perfect choice for creating a warm and peaceful personal space. Whether it's your bedroom, office, kitchen, closet, nursery, dorm room, nail room, bathroom, or pet room, this compact and sleek design adds an affordable touch of luxury to your home. It's also an excellent gift option for your loved ones.

  • Important Maintenance: To ensure optimal performance, remember to replace the filter every 3-6 months, depending on your area's air quality and usage. Before operating the air purifier, please remove the plastic bag covering the HEPA and charcoal filters. Enjoy clean and fresh air with ease and convenience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mark L.

I absolutely love this purifier! Living with a lot of dust from pets was very annoying, but now my home is very fresh and clean. The smells are also not too strong which makes it feel light and clean. The design goes with every type of decor and the size is perfect. Highly recommended.

Jay P.
Very useful

Easy to use.

Chris B.
Must have for indoors

I highly recommend this air purifier to people like me who are allergic to dust and pollen. Its very clean looking and efficient; it doesn't get in the way of the kids and they enjoy the refreshing smell as well.

Felix L.
Works great

it is very useful and maintenance was surprisingly easy and fast. The filters are very well in terms of quality and lasts long enough. The HEPA Air Purifier is very highly recommended in terms of pricing, and its usefulness

Rena H.
Love it

The HEPA Air Purifier is a game-changer for the freshness of our home. The design is simple and blends in with the decor of our home both in and out. The compatability with different smells makes it more fun and refreshing. The lock setting is very useful and safe for our kids and cats, an overall very good purchase at a very good price.

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