1200W Paint Sprayer with 1200ml Containers SGP17AC

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This powerful paint sprayer gun is perfect for spraying paint on walls, furniture, auto parts, and appliance parts. To ensure optimal performance, make sure your paint goes through the viscosity cup in 150 seconds. If the paint doesn't pass in 150 seconds, add a little water to thin it out, then stir the paint and repeat the test until it can flow smoothly through the funnel.

The paint gun comes with a 3.5m air hose, making it suitable for remote work. It features a gun body and motor separation design that reduces hand fatigue during long projects. Each part of the paint gun can be disassembled for easy cleaning with the included brush after each use.

The 1200W powerful motor supports 150 Din-s Viscosity and 1100 ml/min Flow Speed, making it ideal for home interior and exterior painting. This means you can use a wider variety of paints, including Latex paint, and save time compared to using a brush or roller.

The paint sprayer gun is designed for comfortable use and features a soft anti-skid rubber handle that enhances grip. It has three spray patterns: horizontal, vertical, and circular jet, and three copper nozzle sizes (1.0mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm) and two copper spray tips (1.0mm, 2.5mm) to produce fine atomized particles.

The paint sprayer gun has a gun body and motor separation design that keeps most of the weight on the floor, reducing hand fatigue during long projects. It delivers paint through an air hose, allowing for a longer use distance of 18.1ft compared to other paint sprayers for home exterior.

The paint sprayer gun is easy to use and clean, allowing you to add paint directly to the large 1200ml container without disassembling it. All parts of the painting tools are removable and can be easily cleaned with the included cleaning tool.

The paint sprayer gun comes with a retractable handle and universal wheel for easy portability, making it an ideal choice for painting projects both at home and on the job site.

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Easy to use

a good deal

Easy to use

Works as described

Lane Pipkin
Easy to use

It seems to be what I needed. Time will tell.

M. Winer
Easy to use

Great construction and attention to detail.

Karen B
Good value for money

Just what I needed.

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